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Welcome to Home Office Furniture by Blenheim Bedrooms. We are one of UK’s foremost experts in bespoke Home Office Design. We design and hand build fitted offices, bedroom furniture and fitted wardrobes throughout London and the UK.

We take pride in our custom designs individually built to suit the size and shape of your room. Our ranges cover styles from traditional to contemporary you can find always find a look that suits you.

Give us a call today on: 0800 043 5691 or 01322 308803.

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Home Office Furniture
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Rules Of Working From Home

  1. It's still an office - a converted separate room, dedicated to work is by far the most successful place to work efficiently.
  2. Design, design design - make sure everything is to hand - computer, phone, scanner - and that it works efficiently.
  3. Don't become a hermit - We all take office banter for granted, but we need social interaction to keep things in perspective.
  4. Be flexible - control your working hours, don't be a slave to them. Taking time out in the afternoon and working in the evening is fine.
  5. Draw a line - keep work, play and chores separate. Don't be tempted to do housework or go shopping ‘just because you are there.'
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